For Universeum Science Centre in Gothenburg, I translate texts from Swedish to English and copy edit them to suit a young target group. It’s all about making the difficult stuff easy to understand. I also proofread Swedish texts and put them through a rigorous grammar check. When needed, I act as language advisor.

Carl is personal and committed, and he has good knowledge of the Swedish language. He finds solutions when words are tricky and he doesn’t settle for a mediocre translation.

Hannah Sundqvist, Editor and Content Developer

For publishing house Roos & Tegnér, I proofread and edit books.

Carl is an excellent proofreader as well as editor. Fast, professional, easy to work with.

Anders Abrahamsson, publisher

For Jessica Hjert Flod, I have proofread a book manuscript and given language advice.

I have hired Carl to proofread my book manuscript. Carl was easy and quick to communicate with and of course he solved all the corrections without trouble. I felt that I left my manuscript in capable hands and that I would get it back free from errors. I have recommended Carl to my business associates and I will definitely contact him again.

Jessica Hjert Flod, author, lecturer and founder of Nestor publishing house

For Pro Hockey – Europe’s largest magazine about the National Hockey League – I have proofread the Swedish edition and their yearly publication Hockeystjärnor (= Hockey Stars).

Carl makes my job as Editor-in-chief easier. He is knowledgeable in his work and easy to cooperate with. He often goes the extra mile when he completes his tasks and he often gives more information than required.

Linus Hugosson, former Editor-in-chief

For Mattias Mat & Prat (= Mattias’s Food & Talk, a catering and food lecture service), I have proofread web content and translated texts from Swedish to English.

Carl is fast, thorough, nice and he always has the client’s best interest in mind. If anything is unclear he always asks how you want it done or what you mean.

Mattias Wahlin, chef and founder

For GoBaow, I have proofread texts and helped write a few too. It's a rewarding and close cooperation that is also for a good cause.

We usually know what we want to say and what we want our readers to feel. But we don't always know how to say it. That's where Carl comes in. To us, Carl is a word artist (he calls himself something else) and he has almost supernatural powers. If you can take all the woolly things we say and turn it into something that people understand, you are more than an artist. A wizard is a better word. Thank you for all the help with our texts, from promotion texts to project applications.

Petra Johansson and GoBaow Crew

 For Ledarskap 9.0, I have translated educational material between Swedish and English.

Sometimes you strike gold! Without having met in person, Carl have exceeded my expectations. He is fast, professional, friendly and the result is outstanding – both from English to Swedish and from Swedish to English. I'm thankful that our professional paths crossed and I look forward to meeting him in person. 

Cecilia Alwin, leadership coach and educator